Working with Mary gave me a new perspective on how to live my best life. I feel that I have become more open to opportunities that are presented to me. I am living in the present.

Marylee D.

Mary helped me to navigate through an unexpected, painful career transition. Her positive influence and thoughtful wisdom are lasting… they continue to guide my life decisions.

Marianne P.

Through her servant leader perspective, and strong sense of faith, Mary is able to guide others to a sense of empowerment, confidence and ultimate success!

Lee J.

I believe transformation coaching can go beyond career coaching and teach a person how to work and lead throughout life.

Jana C.

Mary is very clear thinking and straightforward, this allowed her to boil down complex issues into achievable objectives for me, which has been very valuable to my professional career.

Steve P.

The Right Coaching Environment

I appreciate your ability to tap into the heart of the matter, asking just the right question in the moment. The insights I gained were most helpful to me.

Patricia D.

From the first minute on the phone, Mary helps clients eliminate mental distractions so that you can work with her in a focused environment. She guides her clients to be present, which leads to comfortable openness, discovery and strategies for improvement.

Sara J.

I consider our time together as a gift and a real contribution during a time of great change in my life. I was given the space to be and say whatever was needed during our sessions.

Terri E.

She encouraged me to accept, acknowledge and use my strengths in my life. Being able to conduct our sessions on the phone was convenient, a real plus for me.

Kim C.

Highly Recommended

Mary’s acute listening and constructive feedback immediately set me at ease. Her deep questioning helped me create a compelling personal vision that continues to guide me. I highly recommend Mary as a coach.

Debra W .

I highly recommend Mary as a business or personal coach. Her ethical standards are impeccable. She maintains privacy and confidentiality; it’s so easy to confide in her. Like most professionals, my career and personal life are intertwined. I needed to unravel several such “intertwined” and difficult situations. Mary’s insights and knowledge leveraged my ideas and personal style in a positive way to solve the complex problems. During my work with Mary I also clarified my next path and venture! 

Tammi G.

I gave myself the gift of professional coaching and chose Mary as my coach. The experience helped me to become my best self in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend working with Mary! Her coaching style is positive. It brought out the best in me.

Shelley O.