Learn how to thrive in the midst of change. Make life’s transitions work for you.
Coaching is available in person, over the phone or by video conference.

Leadership Development

Excel with excellence

  • Implement your vision — accelerate it
  • Learn how your leadership style impacts results; choose to change it
  • Build a high-performance team — enable them to do more
  • Turn problems into opportunities


Do the work you love

  • Excel at your new job
  • Get your promotion
  • Resolve your job-related problems now
  • Design your encore career/prepare to reenter the workforce


Plan ahead; your dreams can come true

  • Gain greater personal and professional fulfillment — explore the possibilities
  • Realize your unique potential — invest in yourself
  • Fulfill your biggest dreams
  • Conquer your biggest fears

Major Life Transitions

See it in a new light

  • Job loss — create new outcomes
  • Divorce — move your life forward; build it now
  • Empty Nest — find what’s in it for you
  • Relocation/new beginnings — capture the opportunities


I’m available to speak on Servant Leadership. I’ve been a keynote speaker at a Greenleaf Servant Leadership International Conference and at other national venues. Audiences appreciate my engaging style and the insights and practical strategies I provide to implement Servant Leadership principles in the workplace.